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THQ Preparing Reveal for “Innovative” Wii Title
July 22, 2010, 9:06 pm
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Wii owners may have been disappointed with THQ at this year’s E3, as the company focused their efforts on Microsoft’s and Sony’s entrance into motion control. However, that disappointment is surely to drop with this news. Ian Curran, global executive of the company, revealed some interesting information for their future with Wii.

“There’s something else that we’re going to reveal later on in the year that wasn’t at E3, which is just very, very innovative. There are very few people who know about it at the moment. It’s not another Kinect thing – it’s to do with the Wii.”

“People are talking about Kinect and Move at the moment, understandably – but if we’d have had this at E3, people would have been talking about this as a significant step forward for the Wii as well. Maybe [we’ll show it at] Gamescom.”

So, hopefully, we’ll be seeing a reveal of some sort at Gamescom, which starts August 18th 2010.

– Dan



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